Pavlos Kavouras


Pavlos Kavouras is associate professor of cultural anthropology and ethnomusicology in the Faculty of Music, University of Athens. He has published extensively particularly on his field research in Greece--Karpathos, Lesbos, Thrace and Eastern Macedonia. His research often investigates the relations between narrative and music, experience and communication, and focuses on the interface between ethnography, phenomenological hermeneutics and performance theory.

His most recent publications include Trickseter & Cain: A Musical Allegory (forthcoming, in Greek),  “Voices, Meanings and Identities: Cultural Reflexivity in the Opening aned Closing Ceremonies of the XXVIII Olympiad in Athens” (in English IASPM 2006), “The Past of the Present: From the Ethnography and Performance of Music to the performance of Musical Ethnography” (2003, in Greek), “The Biography of a Folk Musician: Ethnographic Field Research, Interpretation and Fiction” (1999, in English).


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