Saint's day celebration

At saint's day celebrations (or mulid) the birth of a saint is celebrated. The most important ones are the mulid of the Prophet, the big saint's day celebration of Tanta, the mulid of Dessuq and the mulid of Hussein and Sayyida Zeinab in Cairo. Also in the evenings of Ramadan, large theaters and small tents offer entertainment programs.

The saint's day celebrations usually last for a week. Besides the zikrs (trance dance) of the brotherhoods and religious songs in praise of the Prophet, there are fairground attractions. Secular entertainment is performed in small theaters which are put next to each other. The program consists of a band of musicians, singers, dancers, acrobats and magical acts and lasts for twenty minutes. On a regular evening, the performers do the same program six times an evening. During the lela il-kibira, the last and climactic evening of the mulid, they perform the same show more than ten times.

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