Audio Examples

1. Galata Manes. A well-known amanes named after the Galata quarter of Istanbul sung by Marika Papagika. Alexis Zoumbas, violin; Markos Sifneos, ‘cello; Kostas Papagikas, cymbalum. Recorded in New York, July, 1926. Re-recorded on the Alma Criolla CD Marika Papagika.

2. Nini. An amanes recorded between 1929 and 1931 by Marika Politissa accompanied by unnamed lyra and outi players. Odeon GO 1539. Original recording from the collection of the late Dino Pappas.

3. Manes Karip-Hetzas. Amanes recorded by Rita Abadzi around 1935. HMV A.O. 3651. Original recording from the collection of Dino Pappas.

4. Gazeli Neva Sabach. Rita Abadzi recorded this amanes in Athens around 1935 with Lambros Savaidhis on kanonaki and Dimitrios Semsis on violin. This version is from the CD Greek-Oriental Rebetika : Songs and Dances in the Asia Minor Style. The Golden Years: 1911-1937. Arhoolie Folklyric CD 7005.

5. Pascho na vro mia kardhia ("I Try to Find a Heart"). Amanes recorded in 1945-6 by Virginia Magidou with Markos Melkon, outi; Nick Doneff, violin; Theo Karras (?), kanonaki. Recorded in the United States on the Metropolitan label. Original recording from the collection of Dino Pappas. Metropolitan 166 B.

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