Josko Caleta

Josko Caleta is an associate of the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore in Zagreb, Croatia. After graduating in Music Studies at University of Split, he received an MA from UBC in Vancouver, Canada (supervised by Prof. Allan Thrasher) with a thesis on “The Social and Musical Structure of Klapa Singing Style: Dalmatia and Vancouver”. His main research interest is  the musical anthropology of the Mediterranean and Dalmatian Hinterland. 
He is the coauthor of the CD, Croatian Traditional Music, which presents a selection of fieldwork recordings of the contemporary traditional music of Croatia. Beside his research work, he is also an active singer, arranger, conductor and composer (of klapa singing). He is the author of many articles (mostly in Croatian) on traditional and popular music in Croatia, and is currently completing his PhD dissertation on the musical traditions of the Dalmatian Hinterland.

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