Franco Fabbri

Franco Fabbri (San Paulo, Brasil, 1949) has been the guitarist, singer and composer of the Italian group "Stormy Six", since 1965. He was among the founders of the International Association for The Study Of Popular Music (IASPM) as well as one of its presidents.

As a scholar he is known especially for his work on the relationship among music, technology and the media (Elettronica e musica, Fratelli Fabbri, 1984; Il suono in cui viviamo, Feltrinelli, 1996), on song analysis (in Fabrizio De André. Accordi eretici, Euresis, 1997; Mina. Una forza incantatrice, Euresis, 199; and in Enciclopedia della musica, Einaudi, 2001), and for his essays on musical genres, published in various books and international journals (World Music; Politics and Social Change edited by Simon Frith, Manchester University Press; Encyclopaedia of Popular Music of the World, Popular Music, Atlante del Novecento, edited by L. Gallino, M. L. Salvadori, G. Vattimo, UTET).

His most recent book is Album Bianco. Diari musicali 1965-2000, Arcana, 2001. He writes for the journal and newspapers Musica/Realtà, l'Unità, Carnet. He is one of the hosts of the Rai (Italian State Broadcasting Company) program, Radio Tre Suite. He lectures at the University of Turin.

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