2.c  Salve Regina

The Salve Regina, as the 'razzioni di lu mètiri, is a musical event of great value within the scope of the harvesting, as it is ritually performed at the end of the working day, before leaving the antu (the field). It nearly always has a multivocal structure whose stylistic characterisation is linked to the vocal habits of the village of origin of the gang of harvesters: it is also possible to come across performances, by some groups, rendered according to the style of other locations. This is the case of the harvesters of Capizzi (in the province of Messina, north-western Sicily), who could perform the song 'a ciramisa (according to the style of Cerami) or 'a capizzota, like the harvesters of Enna who in turn sing alla galatese, i.e. in the style of Galati Mamertino (ME).


The most used texts refer to the vulgarisations of the ancient Latin text and to adaptations in honour of Mary Carmelite, Our Lady of Sorrows, and the Madonna of the Rosary. The literary metre is identical, quatrains 'ncruccate, that is formed by three septuplets and a quinary with rhymes ABBC CDDE etc..

Salve Regina (mp3 file)

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