The ICTM Study Group


"Anthropology of Music in Mediterranean Cultures"


The Study Group was founded in 1992, during the conference "Anthropology of Music in Mediterranean Cultures" (Venice, 10-12 September 1992), organized by the ICTM Italian Committee with the support of the Fondazione Olga e Ugo Levi, Centro di Cultura Musicale Superiore, Venezia. The Executive Board of the ICTM recognized the STG in 1993 .

The STG is chaired by Tullia Magrini and has its official seat in Venice, at the Levi Foundation, which generously supports its activity. The principal aim of the STG is the promotion of research and discussion about music considered as a human and social phenomenon, without distinction among art, folk and popular traditions. The STG fosters co-operation between ethnomusicologists, historical musicologists and anthropologists.

Research focuses on the Mediterranean region and other areas influenced by Mediterranean cultures.

Conferences of the STG, Reports, Proceedings:

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