Meyerhoff Graduate Fellows Program

Student Profiles

Andrea Gray
Chemistry and Biochemistry

Area of Doctoral Study: Chemistry 
Undergraduate Institution: Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

Research Advisor: William LaCourse, Ph.D.

Description of Research

My work focuses on the analysis of carbohydrates using High-Pressure Anion Exchange Chromatography followed by Pulsed Electrochemical Detection (HPAEC-PED).

Currently I am working on two different collaborative projects.  The first project looks into sugar recovery using in-vitro micro-dialysis and the purpose is to develop new methods of detection to account for the fact that not all sugars may behave in a similar fashion.  The difference in size or charge may affect the recovery rates among a group of sugars.  The second project deals with glycosylation bioprocesses, and we will analyze glycosylation profiles to determine the comparability of smaller high throughput control bioreactors (HTCBs) to bench-scale bioreactors.  Current bench-scale models are high in cost, time-consuming, and use large amounts of raw materials.  Using analytical methods, we hope to be able to characterize the oligosaccharide components of therapeutic proteins.  These results would allow us to determine if the efficiency of HTCBs yields a better, more convenient means of therapeutic protein development.

These initial projects will provide me with the understanding and familiarity of carbohydrate research, which will carry me into my future thesis work on Dog Plaque Characterization and Biosimilar Drug Comparisons.

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