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UMBC is proud of all of our graduates.

On May 22 and 23, the University awards nearly 1,700 bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. degrees at its Graduate School and Undergraduate Commencement ceremonies. Meet a few of our exceptional students and discover what the future has in store for the Class of 2013.


    Kayleswari Ramu

    Kayleswari Ramu

    As a 2013 STRiVE Coach, Kaylesh discusses the difficulties leaders potentially face when trying to implement strategies and projects. Kaylesh says the STRiVE program allowed her to identify her love for teaching.

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  • Alexandra Alton

    Alexandra Alton

    I had a great time with UMBC Women's Rugby doing what I'm best at: charging full speed ahead.

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  • Adam Mayer

    Adam Seth Mayer

    Overlooking Honolulu, Hawaii, this picture represents my amazing summer chemistry research internship at the University of Hawaii.

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  • Alexandra Mills

    Alexandra Mills

    In my future career in public policy, I want to be the kind of person that comes to the table armed with knowledge from a myriad of perspectives, disciplines and beliefs. Mali was just the first step among many on my path to seeing and better understanding the world.

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  • Brandon Young

    Brandon Young

    Brandon Young stands in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. as he prepares to embark on his four-year adventure at UMBC.

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  • Christina Animashaun

    Christina Animashaun

    This photograph was taken during the groundbreaking ceremony of the Performing Arts and Humanities Building during my sophomore year. As students arrived, each scholar group carried a sign. As we gathered together, the ceremony became a reunion of different classes of Linehan students.

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  • Christopher Tingley

    Christopher Tingley

    During my time at UMBC, I was fortunate enough to experience the trip of a lifetime with fellow burn survivors Colorado. This is me on the summit of Mt. Crested Butte!

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  • Collin James Wojciechowski

    Collin James Wojciechowski

    Being sworn in as a member of the University System of Maryland Board of Regents with my parents by my side represents the beginning of the most meaningful experience I had during my time at UMBC.

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  • Danielle Aduke Adekunle

    Danielle Aduke Adekunle

    Adekunle takes a break while doing community service with other students at MIT’s summer research program in biology. Being able to participate in the MIT program has been one of the biggest highlights in her undergraduate career at UMBC.

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  • Franki Lynn Trout

    Franki Lynn Trout

    This photograph shows me performing on the UMBC stage. It represents the biggest defining element of my time at UMBC: dance.

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  • Hannah Kurlansky

    Hannah Kurlansky

    This image shows the cover of the children's book I created with support from an undergraduate research grant. My project examined the differences in bilingual children's illustrations through the creation of a dual language children's book.

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  • James MacGlashan

    James MacGlashan

    James MacGlashan at his dissertation defense.

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  • John Winder

    John Winder

    This is an image from Winder’s research and shows a painting, an enhancement, an abstraction and a histogram of the painting’s light-dark value data.

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  • Katherine Broadhurst

    Katherine Broadhurst

    This is a still from a stop-motion video I made as my culminating piece for the Linehan Art Scholar freshman seminar class which serves as a memorial to my grandmother. It represents my struggles during freshman year after losing her to a long battle with dementia.

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  • Kelly M. Cyr

    Kelly M. Cyr

    Kelly Cyr walking one of the dogs at BARCS.

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  • Lauren Nicole Chestang

    Lauren Nicole Chestang

    During my time as an undergraduate coordinator with UMBC student affairs, I worked with many student workers from diverse backgrounds and upbringings. However, we all shared the same goal: to make the experiences of other UMBC students as wonderful as ours had been. We started out as co-workers and we quickly became friends and family.

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  • Liam Paddock

    Liam Paddock

    Liam paddock, center, raising the 2012 America East Conference (AEC) Men's Soccer Championship trophy along with fellow captains, Milo Kapor and David Vaeth. This was the pinnacle of his career as a student athlete at UMBC.

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  • Lilian Johnson

    Lilian Johnson

    2012 U.S. Science and Engineering Festival held in Washington, D.C. where CWIT and SWE were asked to host STEM activities at the UMBC tables.

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  • Maithri Kondapaka

    Maithri Kondapaka

    Maithri Kondapaka presenting at the Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day (URCAD). Being able to work in the Lindahl-Zengel lab for the past five semesters has been one of the highlights of Maithri’s UMBC experience.

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  • Mallorie Buenaventura Ortega

    Mallorie Buenaventura Ortega

    This image shows a set design that I built for the Musical Theatre Club's production of The Wiz. Upon arriving to UMBC, I have been bringing the visions of others to life by building sets or running shows. Now, I design and build set pieces from my own mind, making the artistic process very rewarding.

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  • Micaela Andrea Perez Ferrero

    Micaela Andrea Perez Ferrero

    After 11 hours of backpacking 15 miles and going from roughly 4,000 to 12,000 ft. in altitude, I stand next to the welcome sign of the base camp on Mount Chirripó having completed the most difficult and exhausting, yet most rewarding experience of my life. This experience symbolized my time at UMBC as one of challenges, obstacles and rewards. UMBC provided me the keys to so many opportunities and for that, I am forever grateful.

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  • Michael McGee

    Michael McGee

    5th Place in the 400IM at America East Conference Championships, 2013.

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  • Morgan Ashley Madeira

    Morgan Ashley Madeira

    Sitting on a giant beanbag at Google in Kirkland, Wash., where I interned after my sophomore year. Aside from my academic performance at UMBC, my greatest accomplishments have been my internships.

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  • Olga Kopiatina

    Olga Kopiatina

    Olga performing live with a small jazz group. Music is a very important part of her life and sharing this hobby with others is one of the greatest gifts from UMBC.

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  • Susan Marie Hannum

    Susan Marie Hannum

    Though my time spent rowing on the UMBC Crew Team was during my undergraduate years, it was an aspect of my life from which I learned more than perhaps I will ever be able to adequately articulate.

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  • Yasmin Radbod

    Yasmin Radbod

    I spent my winter break in Amdo, Tibet working with The Shambala Foundation and helping Tibetan orphans. This experience inspired me to create a new student organization, UMBC Shambala, to raise money to provide for the orphans’ education, food, clothing and shelter.

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  • Alexander Roman Markowski

    Alexander Roman Markowski

    Markowski with his study abroad friends in Sweden.

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  • Caitlin Smith

    Caitlin Smith

    Some of my favorite memories come from my 2011 spring break trip to Turkey with the wonderful Ancient Studies Department. I have had the best experiences at UMBC in Ancient Studies classes and with Ancient Studies students and faculty.

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  • Brian Scott Brown

    Brian Scott Brown

    Brown’s very first research experience as a summer intern at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public health.

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  • Kevin Triplett

    Kevin Triplett

    After losing my mother my sophomore year, building a relationship with my sister who was fully supportive of my education was really important to me. But, this dinner also represented a connection between the different people I’ve met during my time at UMBC as a staff member, a peer and a mentor – all of whom came together to celebrate my birthday.

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