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UMBC Blackboard NEW Course Shell Request

Blackboard course shells are automatically created every semester for any course in the schedule of class (SoC) that has an instructor. Course shells will NOT be created if the instructor is listed as "STAFF". If an instructor is teaching two or more sections of the same course, those sections will be combined into one Blackboard shell. If you find that your course has not been created or if you need to separate out sections into individual Blackboard shells, use this form to request a new course.

NEW Course Shell Request Form


Instructor's Name
Instructor's UMBC UserID
This is the first part of your email address, not your SSN!
Instructor's Email Address
Instructor's Office Phone


*All course information should match the course listings as they appear in the UMBC Schedule of Classes
Course Title (e.g., Intro to Biology)
Course Number (e.g., ENGL100)

Section Number(s)
e.g., Using the example below, the section number will be 3152 using the number as it a
ppears as a link on the upper left of a course in the Schedule of Classes.

Semester (e.g., Summer 2013, Fall 2013)

NOTE: If you would like to import content from a previous course to a new course, please first see our web tutorial Exporting Course Material from Old Course/Importing Course Material to New Course.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Technology Support Center.

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