EOL 3:Music, Myth, and History (Bohlman)


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Visual Illustrations
1 -
Schoenberg, Moses und Aron, end of second act

2 - Hebrew text to first three strophes of the "Song of Moses" ("Deuteronomy")

3 - German-American Shape-Note Hymn, "Pilgrim/Wer nur hier will etwas seyn"

Audio Examples
1 -
"Moses," Georgia Sea Islands. New World 278, S.1, #1

2 - Rev. F.W. McGee, "Fifty Miles of Elbow Room" American Folk Music, Vol. 2, #55, Folkways FA 2952; orig. recorded in 1931 (Victor 236808)

3 - "Song of Moses" (Yemenite-Jewish: Exodus 14, 30) Folk Music of Palestine (Ethnic Folkways FE 44)

4 - Ice Cube, "Drive By" (Hip-Hop/Gangster [gangsta?] Rap) [citation?]

5 - Amish hymn, "Lebt friedsam, sprach Christus" ("Christ Said, Live in Peace") [citation?] (N.B.: Available on recording from the Library of Congress, made originally when an Amish group from Kolona, Iowa traveled to Iowa State University in 1943)


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