The Croats and the question of their Mediterranean musical identity (Pettan)



Svanibor Pettan studied ethnomusicology in Croatia (B.A.), Slovenia (M.A.), and USA (Ph.D.). He researched music in his native Croatia, Slovenia, in the Balkans (particularly in Kosovo), Africa (Tanzania, Egypt), Australia, and USA. At the University of Oslo he became involved with applied ethnomusicology through the Bosnian-Norwegian project" Azra."

His specialties include Balkan Gypsy music, multicultural music education, and music in relation to politics, war and exile, as seen in his writings published in Austria, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, and USA.

He is Asst. Professor at the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research in Zagreb, and at the Music Academy of the University in Ljubljana.

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