EOL 4: Kavals and Dzamares: (Tammer)

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Tony Tammer photoAnthony Tammer has had an interest in Greek, Macedonian and Turkish music since his first trip to Macedonia as an exchange student in 1977. He has spent a total of three years abroad studying ney in Turkey, kaval in Macedonia, and floyera in Greece.

His music-related publications include a Macedonian songbook (Tammer 1981) and an article on the construction of the Turkish ney (Tammer 1992). He is working on two new projects: an article on making and playing the Greek floyera, and a transcription from the Hamparsum notation of the ney taksims of Neyzen Haci Emin Dede.

While his professional field of interest is in Industrial Education, he spends his avocational hours playing and making end-blown flutes, using skills derived from twenty years as a journeyman machinist. He is currently project manager of a Hewlet Foundation-funded grant to provide increased training resources for machinists in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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