EOL 5: Professional Weeping (Greene) 

Appendix 1. Text of M.G.R.'s Oppari 

Eight varieties of rose flower,
eight varieties of rose flower,
I grew fruit for you,
eight varieties of rose flower.

You are going away,
the Yama's world has blossomed,12
my dear parrot!13 Appa! 14
for you, the Yama's world has blossomed,
I reached for ten varieties of rose flower in the land.

For you, for you heaven has blossomed,
ten varieties of rose flower,
ten varieties of rose flower.
you, the rose flower that I brought up,
heaven has blossomed.

Did God call you, my dear parrot, that I brought up?
did God call you?

Beyond the river,15 for you, beyond the river.
you have fertile lands,
five lands.

The flower snake has bitten you,
the flower snake has bitten you,
you who I brought up,
for you is there a place to go?

I traveled in a train of time
and stood in the entrance of this world,
my dear, who I brought up,
because I didn't wave to you,
it's an ill omen.

In this unhappy station
for you, in this unhappy station,
in that inauspicious land,
I brought you black color.16

It is pure black color
it is pure black color
in the entrance of Indra's world,17
for you it is pure black color.

I traveled in the train, Indra's world,
in the entrance of that world, for you
I went to Trichy station. 


In Trichy Station, in Trichy Station,
for you my dear parrot, who I brought up,
for you I brought a blue color car.18 


For you it is a pure blue color car,
for you it is a pure blue color car,
for you. 


I got in the evening train,
I got in the evening train,
And got off at Aiyaluur,
that is beyond the station steps. 


In Aiyaluur station,
for you my dear parrot, who I brought up, 
I bought a cloth for which I spent much money,
and ordered them to sew. 


I made them sew the way I had ordered,
and bought a piece of silk for your sleep, 

[Wail 1] Aaaahahahaha! Aamaaaaaaahahahah! 

I paid money, I ordered them to sew in my pattern,
for you to wear in the entrance of Tarumar,19
for you to sleep. 
haven't I bought this for you? 


My parrot, who I brought up,
you were affected by evil, so you died. 


In the bordered cloth,
in the bordered cloth,
in this unjust land, 
my father who produced me, 
you are affected by [stomach] disease. 


I bought nice bamboo, 
I bought nice bamboo for you,
I bought a carnation for you, 
how beautifully I cared for you, sir. 
in the entrance for you I bought kasaru silk. 

[Wail 2] Aaaaaahaha! [Drumming] 

I got in the Mayirum [city] train, 
in this unjust land, and got off 
in Uluntur station, 
in Uluntur station. 

[Wail 3] Appaaaaahahahaha! 

I shopped for you, 
at Uluntur station, 
at Uluntur station, 
for you. 


In this unjust land 
to whichever side you turn,
it is your land,
it is your land. 


You, who I brought up,
is your land,
wherever you turn. 


I tied together three hundred bamboo rods, 
I tied together three hundred bamboo rods, 
and made the bamboo stretcher 20 for you. 

[Wail 4] Appaaaaahahahaha! 
Appaaaaahahahaha! Naaah. 

I tied four hundred bamboo rods for you,
I made the bamboo stretcher for you. 

[Wail 5] Appaaaa! Ayaaaahahahah! 

I cut the coconut coir 
and in the center placed a chain. 


In front of this easy-chair, sir, 
in this unjust land. 


The musical instruments were playing in the street. 


For you the coconut tree will yield like pearls. 

[Wail 6] Ammaaaahahahaha! Ammaaaahahahaha! 

For you, who I brought up, in the entrance, 
the coconut tree that I brought up will
bear coconuts for you like kalkandu [rocks of sugar]. 


The coconut trees in the entrance 
I brought up in clusters. 

[Wail 7] Ayamaaaahahahah! Aamaa! Aamaa! 


Only now people are hitting themselves on the chest,
only now are they noticing. 

[Wail 8] Aamaaa! Ayamaaa! 

If you are poked by a golden needle, 

[Wail 9] Aamaa! 

[sobbing:] you are poked by a golden needle!
I'm a woman.
my son, the tears will fall even over the brows. 


In the cursed street, 
for you the smoke will go away.
for you it will go away. 


If I boil over and come out,
for you who I brought up,
the milk will ooze out.21 

[Wail 10] Yamaaaaaaa! Yaamaa! Yaamaa! ahahaha! 


The village is sleeping well,
having faith in you. 


When sleep comes to me,
the yearning for you comes in
and wakes me up. 


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