The Hsaing Ensemble

The Hsaing

The Hsaing of Sein Chit Ti in the theater.

(Sound Example) (194K.) The Hsaing of Sein Chit Ti plays "Tha Gwin".

The brilliant hsaing ensemble consists of a number of different instruments. There are a pair of tuned gong chime instruments, the circular kyi waing and the square framed maung zaing In addition there are invariably one or two double reed hne instruments, and a number of supporting drums and beaters. The main instrument, the patt waing, is a drum circle of twenty one tuned drums always played by the leader of the ensemble who sits in the center. This ensemble developed from various ensembles like the Sidaw gyi and Neyi which were used for court ceremonials and like the Nat hsaing and Byo which were used for village festivals and for religious music.

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last updated 5 November 1995