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1-County & State Names

2-Interstate Highways & Major Cities

3-Total Population

4-Population Density

5-Population Change: 1990-2000

6-Population Change: 1980-2000

7-Population: under 18 Years

8-Population: 18 to 44 Years

9-Population: 45 to 64 Years

10-Population: 65 Years and Over

11-Population: Foreign Born

12-Population: White

13-Population: Black or African American

14-Population: Hispanic or Latino

15-Population: American Indian, Alaska Native, Asian, Native Hawaiian

16-Households: Percent Change, 1990-2000

17-Households: One Person

18-Households: Persons Under 18 years of Age

19-Households: One or More Persons 65 Years or Older

20-Households: Own Children Under 18 Years of Age

21-Households: Female Headed with Own Children

22-Births Rate

23-Deaths Rate

24-Infant Death Rate

25-Institutionalized Population

26-Disability Status

27-Medicare Program Enrollment

28-Educational Attainment: High School

29-Educational Attainment: College

30-Median Household Income

31-Persons Below Poverty Level: All

32-Persons Below Poverty Level: Under 18

33-Serious Crime: Total

34-Serious Crimes: Violent

35-Serious Crime: Property

36-Change in Crime Rate


38-Private Non-Farm Businesses

39-Employment: Retail - Wholesale

40-Personal Income

41-Manufacturing: Employee Income

42-Accommodation and Foodservices Sales

43-Total Farm Acreage

44-Average Crop Yield

45-Wholesale to Retail Trade Workers

46-Wholesale Worker: Income

47-Retail Trade Worker: Income

48-Banking Deposits

49-Mean Travel-Time to Work

50-Single Family Housing: Value

51-Vacant Housing Units

52-Owner Occupied Housing

53-Water Withdrawals: Domestic

54-Water Withdrawals: Total

55-Government Employment

56-Local Tax Revenue

57-Property Taxes

58-Federal Funds & Grants

59-Federal Procurement Contracts

60-Civilian Veterans