Virtual Student Activities Conference 2022

Hello, Region 2 students!
IEEE Region 2 Student Activities Committee has planned a Virtual Student Activities Conference to be held on April 9th, 2022.

A Workshop on “How to be selected for the job you want” will be conducted by an HR Manager and a Technical Hiring Manager. They see hundreds of resumes that pass the initial screening and can share insights on what makes a candidate stand out for favorable consideration. Register here

The Brown Bag Competition will challenge design skills with 24 teams, each of whom will be paired with another from a different school, and they must complete a task requiring both sides to communicate. Arduinos and random analog parts will be in the bag, which will be mailed out to registrants. Teams will need to have access to soldering stations, meters, and oscilloscopes and can have participants working remotely. Register here

The Ethics Competition will have 8 teams responding to questions posed by experienced IEEE members based on experience in industry and business. Teams will prepare their responses using the IEEE Code of Ethics as the guideline. Register here
For more information, please view this flyer!


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