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Report Run On: May 16, 2007
HitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
122137141581ELC041_8030_SP2007ELC 041 : Writing and Grammar for Academic Purposes SP2007Paul Taylor, Silvio Avendano, Colleen Grisham
21487915991GES408_0101_SP2007GES 408 Field Ecology SP2007Chris Swan
34038541985GES302A_0101_SP2007GES 302A Conservation Biology SP2007Chris Swan
41725418958IS440_0201_SP2007IS 440Henry Emurian
5193556203953PHYS112_0101a_SP2007SP07 PHYS112 (all)Lili Cui
64815052925PSYC324_0101_SP2007PSYC 324 Interviewing Techniques SP2007Mary Fox
73071736853CMSC104_0501_SP2007CMSC 104 Problem Solving and Computer Programming SP2007Gary Burt
86916383833PSYC210_0201_SP2007PSYC 210 Psychology of Learning (SS) SP2007Sigurdur Sigurdsson
91455718808IS147_0101_SP2007IS 147 Introduction to Computer Programming SP2007Tate Redding
10942212785IS147_0301_SP2007 IS 147 Introduction to Computer Programming SP2007Richard Goldman
111915625766PSYC446_0101_SP2007PSYC 446 Industrial/Organizational Psychology SP2007Mary Fox
12994713765SPAN301_0101_SP2007SPAN 301 Advanced Spanish I (L) SP2007Elisabeth Arevalo
1361088763IS461C_0101_SP2007IS 461C/661C Health Care Informatics II SP2007Roy Rada
1492132124743PHYS111_0101a_SP2007SP07 PHYS111 (all)Lili Cui
151249517735IS387_0101_SP2007IS/ENGL 387 Web Content Development SP2007Weimin Hou, Anita Komlodi
161792125716SPAN202_0201_SP2007SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II (VAL) SP2007Adriana Val, Violeta Colombo, Jun Staff
172333833707ENGL100_1501a_SP2007 ENGL 100 Composition (1501/0601/0602) SP2007Donald Killgallon
181107816692IS448_0101_SP2007IS 448 Markup and Scripting Languages SP2007Gerald Canfield
191295019681IS413_0101_SP2007IS 413 GUI Systems Using JAVA SP2007Henry Emurian
20107827167645PSYC100_0201_SP2007PSYC 100 Introduction to Psychology (SS) SP2007Linda Jones, Eileen O'Brien
215930695624SCI100_0201a_SP2007SCI 100 Water; An Interdisciplinary Study (MS) (0201/0202/0204/0205/SCI 100H) SP2007Karin Readel, Daniel Sheckells
221957632611PSYC332_8020_SP2007PSYC 332: Experimental Psychology: Design and Analysis 2 (Shady Grove) SP2007Diane Alonso
23115985193600SCI100_0101_SP2007SCI 100 Water; An Interdisciplinary Study (MS) (0101/0102/0103/0104/0105/0301/0302/0303/0304/0305) SP2007Karin Readel, Daniel Sheckells
24980017576IS147_0201_SP2007IS 147 Introduction to Computer Programming SP2007Richard Goldman, Kelley Engle
251251322568SPAN201_0401_SP2007SPAN 201 0401 SP07 OskozRosalie Messick, Ana Oskoz, Jun Staff
261025019539ELC051_8030_SP2007ELC 051 ESL: Advanced Writing and Grammar for Academic Purposes SP2007Silvio Avendano, Susan Bresee
271224523532ENCH446_0101_SP2007ENCH 446 Process Engineering Economics and Design II. SP2007Mariajose Castellanos
281055720527IS295_0301_SP2007IS 295 Introduction to Applications Programming SP2007Dana Smith
2951966103504CMSC421_0101a_SP2007CMSC 421 Principles of Operating Systems (0101/0201/0101H) SP2007Filip Perich, Yelena Yesha, Anupam Joshi
302295546499ENGL393_0201_SP2007ENGL 393 Technical Writing (0201/0301) SP2007Linda Harris
314901490ENGL100_1501_SP2007ENGL 100 Composition (1501/0601/0602) SP2007Donald Killgallon
32883219464ELC052_8011_SP2007ELC 052 ESL: Advanced Reading and Vocabulary Development for Academic Purposes SP2007Silvio Avendano, Susan Bresee, Diana Sims
333153568463CMSC345_0101_SP2007CMSC 345 Software Design and Development (0101/0201) SP2007Susan Mitchell
341064123462IS436_0101_SP2007IS 436 Structured Systems Analysis and Design SP2007Sreedevi Sampath
35600813462SPAN102_0901_SP2007Espaņol 102 0901 SP07 Laura MorenillaRosalie Messick, Ana Oskoz, Laura Fernandez, Jun Staff
36817818454ELC103_8010_SP2007ELC 103 ESOL Level 3 SP2007Silvio Avendano, Gail Holm
371135425454IS425_0201_SP2007IS 425 Decision Support Systems SP2007Zhenxue Zhang
383454376454PSYC210_0101_SP2007PSYC 210 Psychology of Learning (SS) SP2007A Catania
39989722449IS125_0101_SP2007IS 125 Information Systems Logic and Structured Design SP2007Carolyn Seaman
402532757444PSYC340_0101_SP2007PSYC 340 Social Psychology (SS) SP2007Shawn Bediako
41778318432IS436_8020_SP2007IS 436 Structured Systems Analysis and Design SP2007A DeVries
421530536425IS403_0101_SP2007IS 403 User Interface Design (0101/0201) SP2007A DeVries
433310178424PSYC200_0101_SP2007PSYC 200 Child Developmental Psychology (SS) SP2007Linda Baker
44676416422HIST496_0101_SP2007HIST 496 Historical Research SP2007Marjoleine Kars
451001824417SPAN102_1001_SP2007SPAN 102 1001 SP07 ColomboRosalie Messick, Violeta Colombo, Ana Oskoz, Jun Staff
461617639414IS298V_0101_SP2007IS 298V Untitled Course (0101/0201) SP2007Dana Smith
471734042412IS300_0101_SP2007IS 300 Management Information Systems SP2007Robert Smith
481020325408ARBC102_0101_SP2007ARBC 102 Elementary Arabic II (L) SP2007Samir El Omari
49126545310408BIOL100_0101_SP2007BIOL 100 Concepts of Biology, Spr 2007 (TuTh)Phillip Sokolove, Rachel Brewster
50557414398ARBC201_0101_SP2007ARBC 201 Intermediate Arabic I SP2007Samir El Omari