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1133840821632PSYC100_0201_SP2008PSYC 100 Introduction to Psychology SP2008Bob's Guest, Linda Jones, Eileen O'Brien, Brian Jobe
21319291465SOWK240_8620_SP2008SOWK 240 Information Technology in Social Work SP2008Katie Morris, John Laur, Kathryn Sullivan
31340116837ART389_0101_SP2008ART 389 Topics in Computer Art SP2008Katherine Hirsch
41646723715GES408_0101_SP2008GES 408 Field Ecology SP2008Chris Swan
569207104665PSYC210_0201_SP2008PSYC 210 Psychology of Learning SP2008Nicole Whyms, Sigurdur Sigurdsson
61322820661IS147_0201_SP2008IS 147 Introduction to Computer Programming SP2008Kelley Gurley
770254108650PSYC210_0101_SP2008PSYC 210 Psychology of Learning SP2008John Borrero
8103161170606PHYS112_0101_SP2008SP08_PHYS112Lili Cui
983385138604PSYC100_0101_SP2008PSYC 100 Introduction to Psychology SP2008Karen Freiberg, Bob's Guest
104455875594CMSC421_0101_SP2008CMSC 421 (0101/0201) Principles of Operating Systems SP2008Anupam Joshi, Yelena Yesha
112291141558PSYC320_0101_SP2008PSYC 320 Psychological Assessment SP2008Mary Fox, Manica Ramos
1268210130524PHYS111_0101_SP2008SP08_PHYS111Lili Cui
1396593188513SCI100_0101_SP2008SCI 100 Water; An Interdisciplinary Study - Monday&Friday Lecture Spring 2008Karin Readel, Norman Meres
142318046503CMSC104_0401_SP2008 CMSC 104 Problem Solving and Computer Programming (0401) SP2008Gary Burt
151606632502IS436_0101_SP2008IS 436 Structured Systems Analysis and Design SP2008Matthew Dinmore, A. Gunes Koru
162284046496ENGL393_0201_SP2008ENGL 393 Technical Writing (0201/0301) SP2008Linda Harris
17828017487IS147_0501_SP2008IS 147 Introduction to Computer Programming SP2008Charles Hundley
18817017480IS448_0101_SP2008IS 448 Markup and Scripting Languages SP2008Gerald Canfield
191807838475PSYC332_8620_SP2008PSYC 332 Experimental Psychology: Design and Analysis II (Shady Grove) SP2008Diane Alonso
201352729466ECON122_0101_SP2008ECON 122 Principles of Accounting II (0101) SP2008Timothy Hardy
2161826134461STAT121_0201_SP2008STAT 121 Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences (0201/0202/0203/0204) SP2008Bonnie Kegan
222517957441PSYC340_0101_SP2008PSYC 340 Social Psychology SP2008Shawn Bediako
23633115422ELC053_8010_SP2008ELC 053 Academic Speaking and Listening SP2008adriana val, Adriana Val, Lori Edmonds
24574714410SPAN202_0101_SP2008SPAN 202 SP2008 (VAL)Adriana Val, Rosalie Messick
251361335388IS300_0101_SP2008IS 300 Management Information Systems SP2008Robert Smith
26768520384EHS351_0101_SP2008EHS 351 Financial Management, Budgeting and Resource Allocation for Emergency Health Administrators. SP2008Bruce Walz, Stephen Dean, Michael Cooney
27726419382FYS104_0101_SP2008FYS 104 First Year Seminar (C) SP2008Alan Bell
28915324381IS125_0101_SP2008IS 125 Information Systems Logic and Structured Design SP2008Carolyn Seaman
29949425379IS295_0301_SP2008IS 295 Introduction to Applications Programming SP2008Dana Smith
30104982277378BIOL100_0101_SP2008BIOL 100 Concepts of BiologyKevin Omland, Phillip Sokolove, Mary Kaminski
31671118372SPAN421_0101_SP2008SPAN 421 Studies in Hispanic Literature SP2008John Sinnigen
32619617364ELC054_8010_SP2008ELC 054 Cross-Cultural Communication SP2008Adriana Val, Heather Linville, tsisana maysuradze
332085558359IS451_0101_SP2008IS 451 Network Design and Management (0101/0201) SP2008Dina Glazer
341177333356PSYC324_0101_SP2008PSYC 324 Introduction to Interviewing Techniques SP2008Mary Fox, Manica Ramos
351202235343IS425_0101_SP2008IS 425 Decision Support Systems (0101/0102/0103) SP2008Dana Smith
361472143342CMSC104_0101_SP2008CMSC 104 Problem Solving and Computer Programming (0101) SP2008Gary Burt
371297438341PSYC387_0101_SP2008PSYC 387 Community Psychology SP2008Anne Brodsky
382581576339BIOL123_0101_SP2008BIOL 123 Human Genetics SP2008Damilola Akinmade
39848925339ENGL110_0101_SP2008ENGL 110 Composition for ESL Students (0101/0102) SP2008Elsa Collins, Diana Sims
40899327333BIOL486_0101_SP2008BIOL 486 Genome Science SP2008Mauricio Bustos
41482015321IS246V_0101_SP2008IS 246V Untitled Course SP2008Dana Smith
42664021316IS420_0201_SP2008IS 420 Database Application Development SP2008Prakash Bandaru
43851027315SPAN102_0101_SP2008SPAN 102 0101 SP08 QuirogaRosalie Messick, Maria Quiroga, Ana Oskoz Oscoz, Violeta Colombo
44723923314IS300_0201_SP2008IS 300 Management Information Systems SP2008Roy Rada
451378344313ENME301_0101_SP2008ENME 301 The Structure and Properties of Engineering Materials SP2008Marc Zupan
46744824310SPAN101_0401_SP2008SPAN 101 0401 SP08 ShorkeyRosalie Messick, Catalina Shorkey, Violeta Colombo, Ana Oskoz Oscoz
4763181205308BIOL305_0101_SP2008BIOL 305 Comparative Animal Physiology (0101/0201) SP2008Frank Hanson, Weihong Lin
48950931306ECON122_0401_SP2008ECON 122 Principles of Accounting II SP2008Timothy Hardy
4923558294EDUC417_0101_SP2008EDUC 417 & 607 Processes and Acquisition of Reading SPRING 2008Patricia Young
50824928294MLL271_0101_SP2008MLL 271 Introduction to Modern Russian Civilization and Culture SP2008Elaine Rusinko