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1642516425FYS105A_0101_SP2006FYS 105A Internet Citizenship SP2006Henry Emurian
2614016140PSYC424_0101_SP2006PSYC 424 Interviewing Techniques SP2006Mary Fox
3592515925CHEM455_0101_SP2006CHEM 455 Introduction to Biomedicinal Chemistry SP2006Ram Hosmane
4550015500AFST206_0101_SP2006AFST 206 Afro-American History: A Survey (SS) SP2006Karen Sutton
51095325476SCI100_0101_SP2006SCI 100 Water; An Interdisciplinary Study (MS) (0101/0102/0103/0104/0105/0301/0302/0303/0304/0305) SP2006Daniel Sheckells, Karin Readel
6531715317EDUC410_0101_SP2006EDUC 410/658 Teaching Reading in the Content Areas: Part I SP2006Cheryl North-Coleman
7519415194SPAN302_0201_SP2006SPAN 302 Advanced Spanish II (L) SP2006Elisabeth Arevalo
8475814758PSYC446_0101_SP2006PSYC 446 Industrial/Organizational Psychology SP2006Mary Fox
9467814678PSYC340_0101_SP2006PSYC 340 Social Psychology (SS) SP2006Shawn Bediako
10450914509ENCH450_0101_SP2006ENCH 450 Chemical Process Development SP2006David Keller
11410114101PSYC200_0101_SP2006PSYC 200 Child Developmental Psychology (SS) SP2006Angela Katenkamp
12409914099PSYC331_0301_SP2006zz OLD PSYC 331 SP06 (Pitts)Steven Pitts
13390913909IS298I_0201_SP2006IS 298I Introduction to Programing SP2006Robert Nolker
14390113901ENGL100_1501_SP2006ENGL 100 Composition (1501/0601/0602) SP2006Donald Killgallon
15378513785FYS104_0101_SP2006FYS 104 First Year Seminar (C) SP2006Alan Bell
16377813778PSYC332_0301_SP2006PSYC 332 Experimental Psychology: Design and Analysis II (0301/0302/0303) SP2006Wendy Agostini
17370813708GEOG102_0101_SP2006GEOG 102 Geography of Human Activities (SS or C) SP2006Robert Neff
18360913609IS451_0101_SP2006IS 451 Network Design and Management (0101/0201) SP2006Dina Glazer
19354213542SPAN301_0101_SP2006SPAN 301 Advanced Spanish I (L) SP2006Elisabeth Arevalo
20348613486BIOL100L_0101_SP2006BIOL 100L Concepts of Experimental Biology (0101/0102/0103/0104/0105/0106/0107/0201/0202/0203) SP2006Lark Claassen
21346813468PSYC210_0101_SP2006ZPSYC 210 Psychology of Learning (SS) SP2006A Catania
22344513445IS461C_0101_SP2006IS 461C/661C Healthcare Informatics II SP2006Roy Rada
23340913409MLL271_0101_SP2006MLL 271 Introduction to Modern Russian Civilization and Culture (C) SP2006Elaine Rusinko
24337113371ENES110_0101_SP2006ENES 110 Statics (0101/0102/0103/0104) SP2006Ibrahim Assakkaf
25329013290AMST372_0101_SP2006AMST 372 American Food SP2006Warren Belasco
26959533198CMSC202_0101_SP2006CMSC 202 Computer Science II for Majors (0101-0105, 0201-0205) SP2006Dawn Block, Sa'ad Raouf, Dana Wortman
27638623193ELC051_8030_SP2006ELC 051 ESL: Advanced Writing and Grammar for Academic Purposes SP2006Susan Bresee, Adriana Val, Silvio Avendano
28293612936CMPE416L_0101_SP2006CMPE 416L Capstone Computer Engineering Laboratory SP2006David Bourner
29287912879IS451W_0101_SP2006IS 451W LAN Management Using the Web SP2006Gerald Canfield
30283812838ECON374_0101_SP2006ECON 374 Fundamentals of Financial Management SP2006emmanuel anoruo
31282912829HIST355A_0101_SP2006HIST 355A - The History of American Intelligence from the Revolution to 9/11Clayton Laurie
32278512785IS247V_0101_SP2006IS 247V Selected Topics in High Level Prorgamming Languages & Tools (0101/0201) SP2006Dana Smith
33825932753ELC042_8030_SP2006ELC 042 ESL: Reading and Vocabulary Development for Academic Purposes SP2006Colleen Grisham, Silvio Avendano, Adriana Val, Marilena Draganescu
34274312743IS298I_0101_SP2006IS 298I Introduction to Programming SP2006Gerald Canfield
35268212682GEOG110_0101_SP2006GEOG 110 Geography of Environmental Systems (MS) (0101/0301) SP2006William Kirkham
36262012620GEOG310_0101_SP2006GEOG 310 Geomorphology SP2006Andrew Miller
37252412524PHYS121_0101_SP2006PHYS 121 Introductory Physics I (0101/0102/0103/0104/0105/0106/0107) SP2006Eric Anderson
38251112511ENGL250_0101_SP2006ENGL 250 Introduction to Shakespeare (AH) SP2006Gail Orgelfinger
39249312493ECON122_0101_SP2006ECON 122 Principles of Accounting II SP2006Richard Greene, Timothy Hardy
40492022460ENGL387_0101_SP2006IS/ENGL 387 Web Content Development SP2006Anita Komlodi, Liwei Dai
41241212412WMST100_0101_SP2006WMST 100 Introduction to Women's Studies (SS) SP2006Alyson Spurgas
42236912369HIST102_0301_SP2006HIST 102 American History, 1877 to the Present (SS) SP2006bradley simpson
43232312323STAT121_0301_SP2006STAT 121 Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences (MS) (0301/0302) SP2006Bonnie Kegan
44230912309EDUC310_0201_SP2006EDUC 310 Inquiry into Education SP2006Sandra Danna
45217612176PSYC331_0201_SP2006zzzPSYC 331 Experimental Psychology: Design and Analysis I (SS) (0201/0202/0203) SP2006laura stapleton
46208212082ENCH446_0101_SP2006ENCH 446 Process Engineering Economics and Design II. SP2006Mariajose Castellanos
47205212052MUSC100_0101_SP2006MUSC 100 Introduction to Music (AH) SP2006E Cox
48614032046CHEM303_0101_SP2006CHEM 303 Physical Chemistry for the Biochemical Sciences SP2006Radhakrishnan Balu, Susan Gregurick, Lisa Kelly
49203612036PSYC409_0101_SP2006PSYC 409 Intellectual Development and Education SP2006Linda Baker
50200812008LRC101_0101_SP2006LRC 101 Academic Success for Lifelong Learning SP2006Marie Gore