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Report Run On: May 13, 2009

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13292033997IS300_0201_SP2009IS 300 Management Information Systems SP2009Roy Rada
32040724850IS387_0101_SP2009IS 387 Web Content Development SP2009Huimin Qian, Anita Komlodi
486001108796PSYC210_0101_SP2009PSYC 210 Psychology of Learning SP2009John Borrero
583351108771PSYC210_0201_SP2009PSYC 210 Psychology of Learning SP2009Sigurdur Sigurdsson
64599360766SOWK240_8620_SP2009SOWK 240 Information Technology in Social Work (0101/0201/8620) SP2009Christina Olenik, Kathryn Sullivan, Christy Olenik, Katie Morris
793712144650GES120_0101_SP2009GES 120 Environmental Science and Conservation SP2009Erle Ellis
81671227618PSYC331_0201_SP2009PSYC 331 Pitts SP2009Katherine Bohner, Steven Pitts
91579626607IS448_0101_SP2009IS 448 Markup and Scripting Languages SP2009Sreedevi Sampath
1066216112591SCI100_0201_SP2009SCI 100 Water; An Interdisciplinary Study (0201/0202/0203/0204) SP2009Karin Readel, Arooj Rana, Suzanne Braunschweig
111282522582FYS104A_0101_SP2009FYS 104A Intercultural Exploration through Film SP2009Alan Bell
124839785569STAT351_0201_SP2009STAT 351 Applied Statistics for Business and Economics (0201/0202) SP2009Nandita Dasgupta, Atul Roy, Nagaraj Neerchal
131218422553IS147_0201_SP2009IS 147 Introduction to Computer Programming SP2009Kelley Gurley
141096320548INDS330_0201_SP2009INDS 330.0201 Ways of Knowing SP2009Lisa Vetter
152057939527ENGL100_1501_SP2009ENGL 100/100A (1501/0601/0602) Composition SP2009Don Killgallon
163566268524CMSC421_0101_SP2009CMSC 421 0101/0201 Principles of Operating Systems SP2009Yelena Yesha, Samir Chettri
17103735208498SCI100_0101_SP2009SCI 100 Water; An Interdisciplinary Study (0101/0102/0103/0104/0105/0301/0302/0303/0304/0305) SP2009Robert Armstrong, Karin Readel, John Fritz, Suzanne Braunschweig
181129423491IS147_0101_SP2009IS 147 Introduction to Computer Programming SP2009Hayden Wimmer, Henry Emurian, Yoon Victoria, Tate Redding
1944049489HEBR102_0101_SP2009HEBR 102 Elementary Modern Hebrew II SP2009Yael M. Moses
20624013480SPAN202_0101_SP2009SPAN 202 VAL Intermediate Span II SP2009Adriana Val, Rosalie Messick
21959420479ELC054_8011_SP2009Cross Cultural Communication Level5Adriana Val, tsisana maysuradze
221627534478HIST441_0101_SP2009HIST 441 Origins of Modern America, 1877-1920 SP2009Andrew Nolan, Kriste Lindenmeyer
23101667217468PHYS122_0101_SP2009SP09_PHYS122Terrance Worchesky, Lili Cui
242330150466IS247_0301_SP2009IS 247 0301/0401Computer Programming II SP2009A DeVries
25952021453IS246V_0101_SP2009IS 246V Untitled Course SP2009Dana Smith
26588813452INDS430B_0101_SP2009INDS 430B Travel Narratives and the Formation of Global Identities SP2009Lisa Vetter
2787772195450BIOL302L_0201_SP2009BIOL 302L Molecular and General Genetics Laboratory (0201/0202/0301/0302/0401/0402/0501/0502) SP2009Steven Caruso
28583813449SPAN304_0101_SP2009SPAN 304 Español para hispanohablantes de herencia IAdriana Val, Ana Maria Schwartz
291262829435ENGL393_0301_SP2009ENGL 393 Technical Writing SP2009Linda Harris
30954922434ECON122_0401_SP2009ECON 122 Principles of Accounting II (0401) SP2009Timothy Hardy
31123550293421PHYS121_0101_SP2009SP09_PHYS121Bob Armstrong, Lili Cui, Terrance Worchesky
321174628419SPAN102_0701_SP2009SPAN 102/0701 Catalina Shorkey Elem Span II SP2009Catalina Shorkey, Rosalie Messick, Ana Oscoz
331077526414SPAN102_0301_SP2009SPAN 102/0301 Inés Quiroga Elem Span II SP2009Ana Oscoz, Rosalie Messick, Maria Quiroga, Catalina Shorkey
341736842413SPAN201_1001_SP2009SPAN 201/1001 Colombo Intermediate Spanish I SP2009Catalina Shorkey, Ana Oscoz, Rosalie Messick, Violeta Colombo
35865021411ELC054_8010_SP2009ELC 054 ESL: Cross-Cultural Communication and University Life SP2009Heather Linville, Adriana Val
36945623411SPAN102_0801_SP2009SPAN 102/0801 Ana Oskoz Elem Span II SP2009Ana Oscoz, Catalina Shorkey
37767419403CMPE310_0101_SP2009CMPE 310 Systems Design and Programming (0101/0102) SP2009Dennis Frey, Reza Mohammadpourrad
38916023398ENGL100A_0901_SP2009ENGL 100A Composition (0901/0902) SP2009April Walters
39955224398SPAN201_0601_SP2009SPAN 201/0601 Messick Intermd Span I SP2009Rosalie Messick
401410036391IS300_0101_SP2009IS 300 Management Information Systems SP2009Zhiling Guo
411131429390PSYC409_0101_SP2009PSYC 409 Development and Education SP2009Linda Baker
42731119384ELC042_8010_SP2009ELC 042 ESL: Reading and Vocabulary Development for Academic Purposes SP2009Adriana Val, Marilena Draganescu, Elsa Collins
432001353377ARBC102_0101_SP2009ARBC 102 Elementary Arabic II (0101/0102) SP2009Samir El Omari
44793221377FYS101D_0101_SP2009FYS 101D Turning to One Another: Beliefs and Behaviors SP2009C. Jill Randles, Diane Lee
451546041377IS310_0101_SP2009IS 310 Software and Hardware Concepts SP2009Tate Redding
461087329374SPAN201_0901_SP2009SPAN 201/0901 Shorkey Intermediate Spanish I SP09Rosalie Messick, Catalina Shorkey, Ana Oscoz, Maria Coyne
47408011370IS403_0201_SP2009IS403_0201 User Interface DesignA DeVries
48110838306362BIOL100_0101_SP2009BIOL 100 Concepts of Biology, Spring 2009 (TuTh)Lark Claassen, Bryan MacKay, Michelle Bulger, Phil Sokolove
491014628362SPAN102_0601_SP2009SPAN 102/0601 Catalina Shorkey Elem Span II SP2009Catalina Shorkey, Rosalie Messick, Ana Oscoz
50866724361IS420_0201_SP2009IS 420 Database Application Development SP2009Prakash Bandaru