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1846818468184AMST410_7840_SP2011AMST 410 Seminar in U.S. Social Structures (01.7840) SP 2011Warren Belasco
2520415204410IS147_1243_SP2011IS 147 Introduction to Computer Programming (03.1243) SP2011Henry Emurian
3377513775159BIOL123_5230_SP2011BIOL 123 Human Genetics (01.5230) SP2011Cynthia Wagner
4372713727187CHEM352_5945_SP2011CHEM 352 Organic Chemistry II SP2011Tiffany Gierasch
536791367987SOWK240_6842_SP2011SOWK 240- ONLINE- Information Technology in Social Work (1.6842) SP2011Katie Morris
6357213572114ENGL100_4224_SP2011ENGL 100/100A Composition (13.4224,07.7192/08.4254/09.4257) SP2011Don Killgallon
7351713517128SOWK240_6843_SP2011SOWK 240 Information Technology in Social Work (2.6843) SP2011John Laur
8336913369154AFST100_2220_SP2011AFST 100 Introduction to The Black Experience (02.2220) SP2011Karen Sutton
9336413364106AMST374_4336_SP2011AMST 374 Things to Come: Perspectives on the Future (01.4336) SP 2011Warren Belasco
10328713287135POLI170_7527_SP2011POLI 170 Politics, Culture, and Human Diversity (1.7527) SP2011Nathan Zook
1130841308490SOWK240_6844_SP2011SOWK 240-HYBRID- Information Technology in Social Work (3.6844) SP2011Katie Morris
12284612846124AGNG100_6960_SP2011AGNG 100 So You Say You Want a Revolution: How Boomers are Revolutionizing Aging (2.6960) SP2011Galina Madjaroff
13566122830101HIST304_7445_SP2011HIST 304 United States and the Vietnam War (01.7445) SP2011Clayton Laurie, James Risk
14269012690173SOCY345_4018_SP2011SOCY 345 Sociology of Education (01.4018) SP2011Christian Villenas
15255712557131GES310_2958_SP2011GES 310 Geomorphology (1.2958) SP2011Andy Miller
16499222496131CHEM102_5886_SP2011CHEM 102 Principles of Chemistry II Spring 2011Diana Hamilton, Tara Carpenter
17483122415184IS369_1264_SP2011IS 369 Research Seminar: Writings in Information Systems (01.1264) SP 2011Henry Emurian, Drew Alfgren
1823561235686CMSC345_1074_SP2011CMSC 345 Software Design and Development (1.1074/2.1075) SP2011Susan Mitchell
19231112311106IS300_1251_SP2011IS 300 Management Information Systems (02.1251) SP2011Roy Rada
2022871228788HAPP354_3032_SP2011HAPP 354 Social Bases of Public and Community Health (01.3032/SOCY354_3249) SP2011Andrea Kalfoglou
21218812188169BIOL100L_5219_SP2011BIOL 100L Concepts of Experimental Biology (01.5219/02.5220/03.5221/04.5222/05.5223/06.5224/07.5225/08.5226/09.5227/10.5228/11.5229) SP2011Lark Claassen
22217312173104INDS330_3261_SP2011INDS 330 Ways of Knowing (02.3261/INDS330H_3263) SP2011 - Dr. Lisa Pace VetterLisa Vetter
23213812138108BIOL251_7677_SP2011Human Anatomy and Physiology I (BIOL 251)Sarah Leupen, Esther Fleischmann
2462903209671GES110_2948_SP2011GES 110 Physical Geography (100.2948) SP2011Bb Admin Karin Readel, Andy Miller, Barbara Cleary
25209212092174SOCY455_7702_SP2011SOCY 455 Disability and Rehabilitation (01.7702/SOCY655_7703) SP2011Christian Villenas
26207412074104SPAN202_3504_SP2011SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II (02.3504) SP2011Rosalie Messick, Daniel Morales
2720501205089HAPP412_3037_SP2011HAPP 412 Research Methods in Health (01.3037) SP2011Andrea Kalfoglou
28196811968107SOCY201_7701_SP2011SOCY 201 Social Problems in American Society (01.7701) SP2011Patrick Doyle
29196811968130EDUC388_8193_SP2011EDUC 388 Inclusion and Instruction (02.8193) SP2011Sandy Danna
30196511965106POLI309_7865_SP2011POLI 309: Environmental Politics (04.7865) SP2011Jennifer White
3119411194196ECON122_4065_SP2011ECON 122 Principles of Accounting II (04.4065) SP2011Timothy Hardy
3219211192177ENGL393_4296_SP2011ENGL 393 Technical Writing (05.4296,10.8152) SP2011April Walters
33190711907118ENGL393_4293_SP2011ENGL 393 Technical Writing (02.4293/09.4303) SP2011Jane Porter
34190211902105POLI353_7752_SP2011POLI 353 Governmental Budgeting and Financial Administration (1.7752) SP2011Roy Meyers
3518741187486POLI419_5023_SP2011POLI 419 Selected Topics in Political Theory (1.5023) SP2011: Global Political Theories - Dr. Lisa Pace VetterLisa Vetter
36180911809184ENME110_1170_SP2011ENME 110 Statics (Spring '11)David Irvine
3717711177167IS448_1276_SP2011IS 448 Markup and Scripting Languages (1.1276) SP2011Sreedevi Sampath
3817461174680POLI309_7526_SP2011POLI 309 Selected Topics in Political Science (03.7526) SP2011Cynthia Hody
3917141171464IS300_1253_SP2011IS 300 Management Information Systems (04.1253) SP2011Wayne Lutters
4033322166681BIOL414_6477_SP2011BIOL 414 Eukaryotics Genetics and Molecular Biology (01.6477/BIOL614_6508) SP2011Janice Zengel, Lasse Lindahl
41163711637102IS246_2031_SP2011IS 246 Topics in Programming Languages and Tools (1.2031) SP2011Dana Smith
4216341163470IS101_2034_SP2011IS 101 Introduction to Computer Based Systems (2.2034) SP2011Dana Smith
4316261162657ENGL100_4219_SP2011ENGL 100 Composition (08.4219) SP2011April Walters
4416021160276IS295_7406_SP2011IS 295 Intermediate Business Applications (01.7406) SP2011Neha Dhage
4515971159773SPAN304_3519_SP2011SPAN 304 Espaņol para hispanohablantes de herencia, Nivel I (01.3519) SP2011Ana Maria Schwartz
4615961159666POLI210_3119_SP2011POLI 210 Political Philosophy (1.3119) SP2011John Carter
4715601156095STAT121_5644_SP2011STAT 121 Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences (05.5644/06.5645) SP2011Bonnie Kegan
4830722153683IS403_1267_SP2011IS 403 User Interface Design (02.1267) SP2011Anna Sniadach, Kathleen Weaver
4976365152736PSYC200_2735_SP2011PSYC 200 Child Developmental Psychology (03.2735) SP2011Letitia Travaglini, Eileen O'Brien, Angela Petersen, Adia Garrett, Mary Shuttlesworth
5045353151178PSYC331_2764_SP2011PSYC 331 SP2011 PittsSteve Pitts, Camille Wilson, Laura Rose