Journal of Musical Anthropology of the Mediterranean

Number 4

Italian version

M&A Articles

Tony Langlois
Heard but not seen: music among the Aissawa women of Oujda, Morocco
Antonio Baldassarre 
With the daughters of the Houara (Morocco): from fieldwork to World Music
Marie Virolle
The role of women in Ra´ music


M&A CD Reviews

Roberto F. Catalano
Italian Treasury. The Alan Lomax Collection

Placida Staro
Bonasera a quista casa. "Gli Ucci": pizziche, stornelli, and songs from the Salento region


The M&A CD Reviews contain complete audio files in mpeg3 (mp3) format. To ear the music mp3 player software must be installed on your computer. Nullsoft Winamp and Windows Media Player are some of the freeware players available.

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