14.   Kolan, the island of Pag

The northern Dalmatian island of Pag stretches out across the Velebit mountain, near the Gulf of Quarnero. The specific feature of the traditional music of the island of Pag is variety of musical traditions. The Northern part of island (Novalja) musical tradition was influenced by Quarnero island musical traditions. The town of Pag musical tradition has more in common with the urban musical traditions, while Southern part of the island (Povljana, Vlasici) had musical features similar to the Dinaric Hinterland (Ravni Kotari) musical traditions (pjevanje na bas).

Kolan, the village in the middle of the island of Pag, is the only settlement where the older layer of musical tradition is a part of regular musical practice of the community. Tourism, the main economic resource for the rest of islands' communities is not predominant in Kolan.

Kolan (part 1)

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The main economic resource of Kolan is cattle-rising and cheese production. Paski sir (sheep cheese) is a renowned product of exceptional quality. Kanat/kantanje, the term that describes singing in Kolan belongs to the older tradition of polyphonic singing styles.


The video examples of male and female pairs singing indicate the main features of the singing style - the two-part narrow interval style of singing. Female kanat  is in lower voice register, in slower pace with unison endings, while male kanat  is in higher voice register, dynamically stronger and faster with seconds' endings. Decasyllabic couplets, the short form of the traditional poetry is characteristic textual expressions of Kolan's kanat.


Kolan (part 2)

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