isern 2013

Open Space Meetings

Victor Basili/ Jens Heidrich
Title: Eliciting Information for Building Measurement Models

Abstract: The goal of the open space meeting is to exchange experience and gather problems as well as ideas on how to elicit information from customers for building measurement models in an efficient way. When applying approaches like GQM or GQM+Strategies for identifying which metrics to use for setting up a measurement program, one core activity lies in coming up with the right (measurement) goals as a starting point. Oftentimes, this is done as part of an interactive workshop together with the customers of the measurement program. However, eliciting the information needed from their heads and translating this into a meaningful measurement model is a non-trivial task. GQM and GQM+Strategies define a structure of what aspects need to be considered and how the measurement program can be defined in a goal-oriented manner, but there is little methodological support on how to actually elicit the core issues driving the customer for building up a measurement program. The co-chairs would like to exchange experience with other participants regarding how to organize and conduct such elicitation workshops. The session is open to discuss all experiences related to information acquisition but the hidden agenda is to develop some specific tools for dealing with GQM and GQM+Strategies.

Dietmar Pfahl / Guenther Ruhe
Title: Current use and potential of using SPC (Statistical Process Control) in software projects

Abstract: Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a well-established management tool in manufacturing. During the past 25 years several attempts have been made to introduce SPC into software development organizations, however with mixed results. The aim of this session is bring together researchers in academia and industry who would like to form special interest group that aims at collecting empirical evidence on the strengths (successes) and limitations (failures) of applying SPC in software projects, as well as developing innovative techniques and tools for successful applications of SPC in industrial software development. The special interest group will define a joint research agenda and explore collaboration opportunities among its members.

Daniel Mendez / Stefan Wagner
Title: Naming the Pain in Requirements Engineering: Current State and Questionnaire Review

Abstract: To discuss the current state of our work and review the used questionnaire (already established in collaboration with different ISERN members). We will then use potential input/feedback for the thematic workshop of the second day.

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