Jan, 2008 to Aug, 2008

Dissertation fellowship, UMBC graduate school

Work on my dissertation "Unsupervised hyperspectral target detection".


May, 2007 to Dec, 2007

ORISE Fellowship/ Intern in Division of Image and Applied Mathematics (DIAM), Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

•Develop estimation techniques for virtual dimensionality of hyperspectral image data according to different targets/pixels of interests.

•Study the variance estimation techniques for reader agreement statistics under the scope of multiple readers, multiple cases (MRMC) analysis.

•Improve the accuracy of traditional ROC analysis on the evaluation of medical devices or other detection problems in different applications.

•Perform Monte Carlo simulations on model observer experiments via cluster computing environment.

Agreement statistics: Evaluate several agreement measures and their variance estimates when the quantification scheme and between-reader correlation are changing. The study can be used in the evaluation of discriminators and classifiers in remote sensed data analysis.


Sept, 2006 to May, 2007

Dept. of Diagnostic Radiology & Nuclear Medicine, University of Maryland, school of Medicine
Research assistant

• Remote Sensing
  - Variant of Principal Component Analysis, and Learning rules of components searching
  - Estimation of the number of signal sources in Hyperspectral signal processing
  - Endmember extraction algorithms in Hyperspectral imagery

• Medical imaging processing and CAD system:
  - Automatic diagnostic decision making for meniscal tear detection
  - Performance quantification of Chemoembolization therapy on Liver necrosis

Development of image processing techniques in CAD system for different medical diagnosis problems (Dept. of Radiology, VA Maryland Health Care System)

Dec, 2005 to Aug, 2006

Research Assistant (RSSIPL)

• Applications of Multiple signal classification (MUSIC) algorithm in Direction of Arrival (DOA) problem in Array processing

• Adaptive noise cancellation algorithms (LMS-based) in communication and hearing aid devices

• Endmember extraction algorithms in Hyperspectral imagery

Feasibility study of integration of hyperspectral image processing techniques with DOPATM platform (Integrated Solutions, Inc.)


Sept, 2005 to Dec, 2005

Course: 620 Probability and Random Process

• Fast information retrieval for hyperspectral imagery using its statistical properties combined with clustering algorithm

• Statistical signal processing

Aug, 2004 to Aug, 2005

Research Assistant (RSSIPL)

• 2D and 3D ROC analysis in target detection in hyperspectral imagery and chemical / biological detection application

• Hyperspectral measures and its application and performance for different levels of prior knowledge

• Statistical signal processing

Project involved:
Software development and ROC analysis for water ticket processing system of hand-held assay in Joint Service Agent Water Monitor (JSAWM) program (Co-op: US Army and ANP Technologies Inc.)

Aug, 2003 to Aug, 2004

Research Assistant (RSSIPL)

• Hyperspectral measures for target recognition in subpixel level

• Statistical signal processing

Dec, 1997 to Aug,t 1998

Dept. of Applied Mathematics, National Chiao Tung University

Project involved:
• Coral system on-line, Computer aided instruction system in learning Calculus.