Franco Fabbri


Musical life in Tilos

Paper presented at the VI Meeting of the Study Group on

Anthropology of Music in Mediterranean Cultures - International Council for Traditional Music (Unesco)

«Music in the Mediterranean Islands»

Venice, June 10th-12th 2004



With its 350 inhabitants, Tilos is the second least populated island in the Dodecanese, after Kastellorizo (which is much smaller). It is about 15 km long and 9 km wide (stretching from SE to NW), and its surface is 63 square kilometres, a little more than Leros, and fairly larger than Patmos.



  1. Geographical and historical overview

  2. Music in Tilos, today


Wedding in Karpathos, 1980.
The lyra player is singing into the microphone of a portable PA system

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