Calderash coppersmith
Cales (Calé) blacks
Cergashi (Cergari) nomads
Daouli a two-skin, short-cylinder drum played with a mallet on one side and a twig on the other (in others regions called davul, tupan, or tabla)
Dasikhané "in the way of the Serbs": Serb, Christian-Orthodox
Gajekhané "in the way of the Gagi": Serb, Christian-Orthodox
Gaje non-Gypsy
Harvati Croats
Khorakhané "in the way of the Koran": Muslim
Lautari musicians
Manouche person
Rom man
Roma people
Romani language spoken by the Rom
Shiptar Albanian
Sinti name of groups present in several European countries
Slovenski Slovenian
Surla folk oboe common in Turkey and in regions that were subject to Turkish domination
Ursari bear trainer

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