Nico Staiti

The Roma Khorakhané as cultural mediators:
nuptial rites and music.


This article presents the results of an on-going study on the nuptial rites of the Roma Khorakhané Shiptari of Kosovo and Montenegro now living in Italy (1). The analysis of the specific character of the Roma Khorakhané culture of Kosovo and Montenegro, in relation to other groups linked to it in various ways (such as the non-Gypsy populations that live on the same territory and other Gypsy communities), is a preliminary step in this research.


  1. The identity of a Gypsy community
  2. The Roma as mediators of culture: tradition and innovation in music
  3. Nuptial rites
  4. Nuptial rite and the cultivation of cereals
  5. References
  6. Glossary
  7. Endnotes


(translation: Stefano Mengozzi)

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(updated 20 Jul 1997)