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Assessment Resource Center for History


ARCH: Assessment Resource Center for History was developed through a Teaching American History grant partnership with the Howard County Public School System, Maryland, with support from the U.S. Department of Education. ARCH materials may be used in educational settings, following fair-use guidelines.

University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)
Center for History Education Dan Ritschel, D.Phil. Director Rachel Brubaker Director of Program Administration
Digital Projects Director Jennifer Frieman Project Editor
Project Historians Lester Brooks, Ph.D. Anne Arundel Community College Andrew Nolan, Ph.D. UMBC William E. Orser, Ph.D. UMBC New Media Studio William Shewbridge, D.C.D. Director Janet Schwartzman Web Designer
Howard County Public School System
Mark J. Stout, Ph.D. Coordinator of Advanced Programs and Secondary Social Studies
Teaching American History Grant Program Director
Winnie McCulloch Teaching American History Grant Program Manager
Kimberly Eggborn Coordinator of Elementary Social Studies
History Labs Elementary Resource Teacher
Robert Coffman Instructional Facilitator for Secondary Social Studies
History Labs Secondary Resource Teacher
ARCH Item Authors  
Susan Apple
Laura Attridge
Danelle Brennan
Tara Brennan
Christina Bos
Jennifer Frieman
Kathy Manley
Kathleen Quinn
Shaina McQueen
Mark Stout