EOL 3: Mediterranean musicians in the American diaspora (Signell)
Audio examples 1 through 18 are original recordings by Karl Signell, unless otherwise noted. Most Albanian, Greek, and South Slavic music and interviews quoted on these pages available on cassette in Signell 1989, Turkish in Signell 1990. Compact disc re-issues of 78 rpm records shown where available. 

1. Belly-dance music. Emin Gündüz & Middle Eastern ensemble. Astor club, Washington, D.C. Recorded by John Widoff (Karl Signell, producer). 

2. Kâtibim. Emin Gündüz, voice and kanun (plucked zither). Recorded in NPR studio (Karl Signell, producer). 

3. See Audio 33

4. Taksim (improvisation). Ergün Tamer, tanbur (long-necked lute), and Jihad Racy, nay (flute). Private home, Los Angeles. 

5. Taksim (improvisation). Necdet Yasar, tanbur (long-necked lute), and Niyazi Sayin, nay (flute). Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York City. 

6. Pentozali. Pavlos Daskalakis, voice and lyra (fiddle). Private home, Berkeley, California. 

7. Xriste na spousan oi fylakes. ibid. 

8. Skaros. Perikles Halkias, clarinet, and ensemble. Private home, New York City. 

9. Niska Banja. Beogradski Suveniri (Memories of Belgrade) ensemble. Festival of American Folklife, Washington, D.C. Recorded from sound system direct output. 

10. Bosno Moja. Hasan Redjovic, voice and Beogradski Suveniri ensemble. Ibid. 

11. Edna Moma s' Majka. Bob Yankelovic, clarinet and Makedonski Trubaduri ensemble. Ibid. 

12. "Voice of God." Sheep, dogs, recorded at Albanian Bektashi dervish lodge, Detroit, Michigan. Prel Luldjurai, Albanian chifteli (lute) recorded by Karl Signell at a Detroit radio station. 

13. Selami Mekka, male solo in backyard. 

14. [no documentation] 

15. Imam name unknown. 

16. Mehmet Nebiu, clarinet, and ensemble. 

17. Ismail Mehmeti, clarinet, and ensemble. 

Audio examples 18-39 were copied from original 78 rpm discs in the personal collection of Richard Spottswood unless otherwise indicated. 

18. Ov horachim. Pierre Pinchik, vocal and pipe organ. Victor 81682. Re-issued on Yazoo 7002 compact disc, Mysteries of the Sabbath: Classic Cantoral Recordings, 1907-1947. 

19. Zmirneïkos Balos. Marika Papagika, acc. Re-issued on Markika Papagika: Greek Popular and Rebetic music in New York 1918-1929. Alma Criolla ACCD 802. 

20. Haniotikos Syrtós. G. Canteris, lyra and G. Gombakis, laouto. Victor 78444. 

21. Syrtós Kissamiotikos. Harilaos Papadakis, lyra and G. Gombakis, laouto. Victor 72311.

22. Pentozali. Harilaos Piparakis, lyra. Liberty 32. 

23. Minore tou deke. Ioannis Halikias, bouzouki and S. Mihelidis, guitar. Columbia 56294-F. 

24. Micika Polka. Verni's Troubadours. Columbia 56294-F. 

25. Maine oska krcma kod lepe mare. Dusan Jovanovich tamburica ensemble. Victor 23-59024B. 

26. Ustanak na Dahije. Petar Perunovich-Perun, voice and gusla. Srbska Gusle 4574.

27. Ratna pesma. Milan Pancevac, accordion. Victor 81665. 

28. A Oj Bosno. Dusan Jovanovich men's chorus. Columbia 1051.

For complete documentation of the Gilman collection cylinders, Audio examples 29-32, see Lee 1984. 

29. Turkish National Hymn. "Four Turks." LC cylinder number 4,372 

30a. Song of Love. Khlil-Zacharia, lute; Meliki-Sourou, harp; Latifi-Haskie, small drum; Maria-Lisme, tambourine. LC cyl. no. 4,368. 

30b. [continued] LC cyl. no. 4,369. 

31. Egyptian March. Same performers as 30a, 30b. LC cyl. no. 4,370. 

32. Turkish song. Same performers. LC cyl. no. 4,375. 

33. Kâtibim. Safiye Ayla.Columbia BT 22175 (CTZ 6870-1), re-issued on "Masters of Turkish Music: Volume 2." Rounder CD 1111. 

34. Ud taksim (improvisation). Marko Melkon. Pharos P806 (VB 414-B), re-issued on "Masters of Turkish Music: Volume 2." Rounder CD 1111. 

35. Mi vulissa maritari. Paolo Cittarella. Columbia 14666- F, Odeon 17358. 

36. La pastorale di natale. Zampognari della Caserta. Columbia 14490-F 

37. Voci dei venditori Napoletani (street cries of vendors in Naples). Carolina and Guillermo Voccia. Victor 69054.

38. Dormi e riposa. G. Gangone. Columbia 14750-F.

39. Lucia sextet (Lucia . Giovanni Gioviale. Victor 21372.

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