isern 2013

Empirical research is a backbone of any serious science and continuous to grow in importance also in software engineering research. The ISERN and ESEM community together with the Empirical Software Engineering Journal have advanced the state of the are in what and how empirical research is conducted today in software engineering. We now have a plethora of empirical research techniques at our disposal, and it sometimes becomes tricky to choose the right one. Also the application of the techniques, such as experiments, case studies, surveys or systematic literature reviews, is complicated and needs detailed understanding.

This doctoral symposium should be a help to PhD students who are already or plan to conduct empirical methods as part of their research project. Experienced empirical researchers form the board of advisors that will review the research plans from PhD students and give them detailed feedback and guidance. The most promising research plans will be invited to be presented at the symposium where the students can get more direct feedback in the discussion. Each of the presenting PhD students will be assigned a mentor from the board of advisors who supports them in improving the research plan.

Please submit your proposal using the information here on or before June 11, 2013  July 15, 2013.

Stefan Wagner (University of Stuttgart, Germany)
Daniel Méndez (Technical University of Munich, Germany)
Co-Chairs of IDoESE 2013


Travel grants available for students to attend ESEM, IDoESE, IASESE 2013
More information here
Applications are due July 22, 2013.