Ruth Davis

Al-Andalus in Tunis: sketches of the Ma'luf in the 1990s

1. Introduction
2. The ma’luf of Tunisia
3. Twentieth century renaissances
The legacy of the Baron Rodolphe d’Erlanger
The ma'luf, the state and the media after independence
4. Institutional developments since the late 1980s
5. Sounds of the nineties: authenticity and personal expression
The Rashidiyya and radio ensembles: Tunisie Anthologie du Maluf
The club of Tahar and Zied Gharsa and the lineage of Shaykh Khemais Tarnane
Lotfi Boushnak - Malouf Tunisien
Sonia M'Barek: Tawshih and Takht
Amina Srarfi and El-'Azifat
6. Endnotes
7. References
8. Sources

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