Donatella Restani

Music and myth in ancient Greece


Three meetings held by the ICTM Study Group on "Anthropology of Music in Mediterranean Cultures" (September 1992, Venice; May 1995, Venice; June 1996, Bari–Molfetta) offered a wealth of reflection and debate on the anthropological approach to Mediterranean musical cultures (see in particular Magrini 1993, Bohlman 1997, Magrini 1997, Shiloah 1997), thus calling for an immediate change in perspective also with regard to the relationships between music and myth in ancient Greece, and perhaps opening the way towards a complete overhaul of our approach to the music of the Greeks.


  1. Prologue
  2. Achilles' chant
  3. Mythical sound events
  4. The mythology of musical reminiscence
  5. Literary sources
  6. Musical myths:
    Achilles, Amphion, Apollo, Athena, Cybele, Hermes, Muses, Pan, Sirens, Thamyris
  7. References


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